About Exquisito Perú

Proud provider of exquisite and authentic food tours & experiences

About Exquisito Perú

Proud provider of exquisite and authentic food tours & experiences

Our Story

How Exquisito Perú was born

Exquisito Perú was born from the shared passion of two coworkers, now friends, throughout several years of expatriation in Peru.

Our passion for Peru, its history, traditions, and of course its gastronomy, gave us during the year of 2017 the desire and motivation to launch a project that would allow us to transmit our deep attachment for this beautifully rich country to visitors from all around the world.

In an authentic way and with the intention to generate a positive economic and social impact at the local level.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Exquisito Perú’s DNA

To promote Peruvian culture and gastronomy to international travelers through authentic culinary experiences and the purchase of food goods with a positive impact, while supporting local small businesses and communities.

To offer high-quality culinary experiences in all regions of Peru, while putting a smile on as many faces as possible by actively supporting social programs with tangible positive results.

To respect local customs and traditions, to give best-in-class support to our customers before, during and after their purchase or stay in Peru, and to create memorable moments that highlight Peruvian culture and gastronomy.

Our Impact

Contributing to change one booking at a time

  • $57213

    Revenue generated to local small businesses

  • 1208

    Healthy meals distributed to families in need

6 Reasons to Choose Exquisito Perú

And that's only the top 6 ;)

Local Expertise

From founders to guides, everyone involved is highly passionate and knowledgeable about Peru, Peruvian gastronomy culture and traditions.

Memorable Experiences

We want you to be truly immersed! For this, we partnered with local small businesses, limited groups to 8 guests max. and guiding in just one language per group.

Your Booking has an Impact on Peru

In addition to supporting local small businesses, we partnered with the nonprofit Action Against Hunger Peru to distribute meals and educate rural families to fight anemia and malnutrition.

Not Limited to Peruvian Gastronomy

You will also get the chance to learn more about Peru’s rich history. An essential component to understand the stories behind the flavours you’ll taste!

We Go The Extra Mile

We provide free dedicated travel planning support to our guests before and during their stay in Peru. Yes, we can help you with your trip to Machu Picchu or booking a taxi!

Secured Online Payment

No need to carry cash! You can securely book with your debit or credit card online on our website! All bookings processed through this website are protected by TMTProtects.Me.

Meet the Team

On a mission to share our passion with you

Jesse Caiado

Co-Founder & CEO

Emilie Couillard

Co-Founder & COO