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Cafe NegroCafé Negro

Jirón Unión 147, stand D8, Mercado El Capullo, Barranco, Lima

Specialty coffee in a local market.

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El Cacaotal BarrancoEl Cacaotal

Jirón Colina 128, Barranco, Lima

Chocolate store that sells high-quality Peruvian chocolates from small producers.

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juanito Barranco

Juanito de Barranco

Avenida Almirante Miguel Grau 274, Barranco, Lima

Emblematic bar/restaurant of Barranco neighborhood, since 1937.

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Lima 1 cervezaLima 1 Cerveceria

Jirón Junín 250, Cercado de Lima, Lima

Bar offering belgian-style artisanal beers brewed in the historic center of Lima.