Arequipa Food Tour: Ancestral Cuisine & City Tour

  • 4 hours
  • 17 Flavors
  • Adult $79 USD
  • Under 18 $69 USD
Shared & Private Groups options available

Arequipa Food Tour: Ancestral Cuisine & City Tour

Adult $79 USD
Under 18 $69 USD

Traditional Arequipa flavors and sightseeing

During this Arequipa walking food tour, you will sample more than 17 Peruvian foods and drinks that are typical from Arequipa and its region. You will even have the opportunity to interact with some of our local hosts to learn everything about guinea pig and alpaca, while learning the ins and outs of preparing ocopa with a "batán". You will learn about all the historical and cultural details behind each dish and drink that you will have the chance to taste during this 4-hour Arequipa walking food tour.
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  • 4 hours

    Shared Groups (English-only)
    - 11:00-15:00

    Private Groups
    - 10:00-14:00
    - 12:00-16:00
  • Local Expert Guide

    You will be paired with one of our licensed tour guides. All are very knowledgable and passionate about their food, country and culture.
  • Free Cancellation

    Cancel for free up to 24 hours before the food tour' start time, no questions asked. For last minute requests, we will do our best to find a win-win solution.

Arequipa Food Tour

Your adventure begins here. Are you ready?

  • 17 Flavors
    This 4-hour Arequipa food tour will allow you to discover the beautiful historic center of Arequipa, as well as Yanahuara and the beautiful views on the Misti volcano. Your guide will take you to a variety of places filled with locals, which will allow you to get a proper taste of Arequipa's most emblematic dishes and drinks.
    While strolling through the beautiful streets of Arequipa, you will visit a mix of trendy and more traditional places. The first stop is the iconic San Camilo market. The tour includes an ample variety of tasty bites and drinks that are present in most Arequipa's "to-taste" lists. With this food tour in Arequipa, not only will you get a great overview of the local gastronomy, but you will also get to visit the city.
    Aside from discovering new flavors, another important component of this Arequipa food tour is to discover the story, the cultural background, and the current context associated with each bite. "Yummy" reactions are not enough for us, we also want to hear those "wow" and "oh fascinating" when telling you all about about rocoto relleno and ocopa.
    It's a walking food tour, with 5 to 10 mins of walking between each food stop, but to make this even more interesting and dynamic, we threw some art, architecture, sightseeing and a visit to a picanteria into the mix. A chicha and pisco tasting session is also on the list! We aim to make this food tour truly memorable and Instagram-worth.
    Throughout this food tour in Arequipa, you will be accompanied by a specialized licensed tour guide, who will act as your new local best friend, ready to answer all your foodie questions and beyond. Don't hesitate to throw historical, cultural and political stuff into the ring, our guides are trained to face pretty much any battle.


  • Amazing tour!

    Best tour in the history of food. Spectacular dishes and places visited. Our guide was Ali and she was a sweetheart, very attentive and concerned. And the places she took us were amazing too.
    Aillen - Nov, 22

Additional information

What is included

  • Tasting of 11 Peruvian foods
  • Sampler of 6 Peruvian drinks
  • Licensed expert guide
  • 2% donation to the Impact Eat Foundation to support small local producers
  • Dedicated travel support while you are in Peru
  • For Private Groups only: pick up and drop off
  • For Shared Groups only: pick up and drop off not included

Additional data

  • This tour is not recommended for people with reduced mobility.
  • Please wear comfortable shoes, bring water, and make sure you bring a hat and use sunscreen – the sun can be very strong in Arequipa.
  • Please note that our Shared Tour is guided in English only. For non-English speakers, please book a Private Tour. For the comfort of the group, guides will not be providing their service in multiple languages simultaneously, even to those who speak Spanish.

Meeting point

Where do we meet?

  • Calle San Camilo 207, Arequipa (in front of Compartamos Financiera)
  • Shared (English-only): 11:00 - Private: 10:00 / 12:00
Remember that
The guide will be waiting for you right next to the front door of the Compartamos Financiera building, which is facing San Camilo Market's main entrance.


  • 01 What if I have dietary restrictions or allergies?
    If you suffer any allergy o dietary restrictions, make sure to inform us in the checkout notes or via email once you completed your booking so we can take all the necessary precautions. That being said, due to the characteristics of this food tour and of Arequipa's cuisine in general, we will not be able to provide no red meat, pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan options for this tour, while maintaining the standard we aim for. Likewise, we are unfortunately unable to offer halal and kosher alternatives at the moment due to the difficulty for some Peruvian restaurants to acquire and stock items with such characteristics.
  • 02 Do we eat a lot during this food tour? Does it constitute a meal?
    Definitely! We recommend not eating anything else other than a light breakfast/lunch before this food tour. The food included in this tour is proportional to a multi-courses meal.
  • 03 Can you pick me up and drop me off from/at any location?
    Pick up and drop off is not included in the Shared Group price, but it can be arranged at an extra cost from/to pretty much anywhere in the city. Of course price will vary depending on the distance and the type of vehicle you need for your party. If you want to be picked up or dropped off in your hotel, at the airport, the Callao cruise port, the historic center of Lima or a museum, please reach out to us and we will send you a quote in no time!
  • 04 Do I have to book in advance?
    We recommend to book at least 1 week in advance to make sure it's not sold out, but we accept bookings up to 24 hours before the tour starts.
  • 05 Is this food tour physically demanding?
    Between most stops there's a 5 to 10 minutes walk. A light 25-minutes walk takes place mid-tour for sightseeing purposes.
  • 06 I’m a solo traveller. Can I book a food tour too?
    We encourage it! This food tour will allow you to meet other travelers who are passionate about gastronomy. Do not be afraid to book, even if you are solo. We could have other reservations for that same day so you can share the experience with other foodies.
  • 07 Is this food tour family friendly? If I'm bringing an infant/very young child, do I need to purchase a ticket for them?
    If you are traveling with infants or children under 6, you would only be required to purchase a ticket and pay the "Under 18" rate if you'd like them to have access to their own food servings. If you prefer to share your food with your little ones and/or if you want them to eat the food you prepared for them before the tour, there is no need to purchase a ticket for them – they can participate for free. However, please let us know in the booking comments if non-paying children are going to be present so our guide knows and will be prepared for it.
  • 08 Can I book this food tour as a private tour?
    Absolutely! You can book a private food tour for your party as is (via the "Book Now" button), or you can customize this tour so it caters to your needs and expectations (reach out to us via email or contact form). We are used to design tailor-made experiences for small and big groups – back in 2019 we went up to 150 people at once!
  • 09 What if I don’t drink alcohol?
    If you do not drink alcohol, don’t worry! We will provide non-alcoholic drinks instead. Please make sure you add that information in the "Additional comments" section when finalizing your booking. No alcoholic beverages will be served to our guests under 18 years of age.
  • 10 Is this tour wheelchair accessible?
    Unfortunately, this tour is not wheelchair accessible. Sadly, most of the streets haven't been properly adapted to be welcoming for wheelchair users. That being said, we'd be very honored to work on a tailor-made gastronomic adventure that works.
  • 11 Do you offer any other tour?
    Yes, we have several food tours in the bank. Each of them offer a different perspective on Peruvian gastronomy. We like to think we have an option for all budgets and interests! Although we specialize in food tourism, if you'd like to visit a museum, another area of Peru not covered by one of our tours, please do let us know – we will for sure be able to arrange something with the help of our trusted partners.
  • 12 Is Arequipa safe?
    Just like in any big city, you have to be careful with your belongings in crowded areas. Of course, Peru being a country with big inequalities showing off the latest smartphone or an expensive watch in the street could unfortunately make you a target for thieves. But if you keep a low profile, you should be more than fine! Don't take random taxis from the street!
  • 13 How likely am I to get sick?
    With our tour, extremely unlikely. All the stops are carefully vetted by our team and we run regular checks to make sure they maintain the same standards, both in terms of quality of the food as well as hygiene. Food poisoning is of course something that shouldn't be ignored in Peru, so we always recommend to eat or drink at places that were recommended by at least one local person, combined with positive online reviews.